Experienced Direct Response


The principals of Jordan Direct have over 75 years of combined award-winning broadcast, direct response and corporate production experience with DRTV sales well over $2.5 Billion.

Jordan Direct’s in house capabilities cover most aspects of  television production; creative development, writing, pre-production, shoot supervision and complete post production services with 2, high end, broadcast AVID edit suites, each HD capable.

Jordan Direct continues to be a leader in direct response production and product solutions and is constantly growing. Currently they are in production on several long and short form projects for clients in the US and abroad.

In long form, The Stylisse Dream Curve Shaper ™, Bravo Bra ™, Pearl Hair Removal ™, JML Belvia Bra ™, AB5 Body Shaper ™, Kenkoh Therapeutic Massage Sandals ™, Planet Pleaser Digital Screen Cleaner ™, One Wipe Restorer ™, Dr. Jian’s Chinese Tea ™, Paint Rocket ™, Ultimate Curves Shaper, Blast VAC Pro ™, and Volume Max ™ are currently rolling out internationally with the Color Cove Color & Contouring System ™ currently testing in the U.S. and Internationally.

In short form Energizer LED Light Bulbs, The Amazing Pocket Chair ™, Black Out ™ & One Wipe ™ are rolling out, while Twisty Pins ™, Vita Grass ™, Leather Miracle Tear Repair ™, the Wagner Turbo Roll ™, EZ Eggs ™ and Litter Zone ™ are in various stages of testing in the U.S.  Many of these products are launching in retail concurrently.

Jordan Direct’s Executive Producer, Bruce Dworsky has produced, written and directed well over 300 different infomercials and short form spots with an impressive hit ratio.  Most notable are the Ideal Health Business Opportunity show, Wonder Steamer, Pest Offense, Super Wrench, The Thunder Stick Mixer and a series of the As Seen On TV PC computer system infomercials, True Sleeper ($260 Million in global sales alone), The Dual Drill (# 1 on IMS in ’06), Pressa Bella, Scrub King, Flavor Wave Oven Deluxe, Nu Wave Oven Pro and dozens of others.

A number of recently produced in-store POP/Web videos are playing in the UK – Slim Swim ™, Snap Screen ™, Sofa Rescue ™, Enchanter Planter ™ and Magic Mat ™ are driving retail and web sales.

These DR professionals have worked for some of the industry’s biggest players; Banyan Productions in Philadelphia working with clients such as National Media, CSA and Guthy-Renker; HSN Direct International overseeing many successful shows including the category changing Sweet Simplicity ™.

Besides creating hit domestic DR, they also have a tremendous amount of international experience working with product and producing infomercials and short form in Europe, Egypt, Asia, South America/Brazil and India.

Jordan Direct’s primary focus is to ‘partner’ with our clients to ensure success by bringing together the best in the business…from production to call centers to media management…creating the imperative to make the phones ring or the mouse click – and at the same time provide customer service that goes beyond expectations.